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Why Moblie Marketing?

  • It is the only media that is truly personal and carried constantly. Mobile phones are not shared with others - even our spouses!
  • Mobile is the only media where each consumer can be identified individually - by their phone number - with a degree of accuracy not available with any other media.
  • Mobile is the first and only media that is always on. Messages, news, and promotions are delivered instantly and can be accessed 24/7 by consumers.
  • The mobile phone is the only media that is constantly with the owner.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Cost efficiency

Have a limited budget for marketing? Well, most business owners are faced with the very same issue. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to reach your customers via their mobile phones. On the contrary, it is one of the most affordable ways to advertise your products or service, build a brand name and boost loyalty.


with most things in this world, what you pay is what you get when it comes to marketing too. This, however, is not the case with mobile marketing. Unlike other low cost marketing options such as sending e-mails that virtually have no effect because they are deleted without being even opened, mobile marketing such as sending SMSes is very effective because over 90 percent of mobile phone owners read every SMS they receive.

Reach the targeted audience

Every business wants to reach a specific group of consumers to benefit from marketing campaign. And this is why mobile marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. In order to be able to reach mobile users, you need to have their phone numbers and permission to send them promotive material. As a result, only those who are interested in your products or service will give you their phone number. Mobile marketing thus enables you to reach more potential buyers at a considerably lower cost than other marketing methods such as TV or radio ads, billboards, etc.

Immediate effect

Most marketing campaigns need time to show results. Mobile marketing, on the other hand, yields immediate results. Most people don’t only have their mobile phone always with them but they also have the tendency to read their messages as soon as they receive them.

Our Services

Bulk SMS Solutions

Bulk SMS marketing is considered to be the best source with 98% reach & 61% capture rate.

Bulk Email Solutions

Bulk Email marketing is the most cost effective medium, which can play an important role in customer acquisition & retention, get the best deals from Max3ilogic.

IVR Solutions

IVR solutions automate interaction with telephone callers. We provide IVR solutions that dramatically reduce the cost incurred on customer .

Technology Solutions

Max3ilogic offers complete technology solutions (SMS, email & voice) to automate your business processes to improve business efficiency & RO.

Bulk SMS Service

In current marketing scenario, every marketer has accepted that no other media has this as wide a reach in India as mobile has. The challenge however is not many agency or organization knows how to use this media effectively. We present infinite, which understands the genesis of brand and art of engaging mobile as a tool to enhance brand visibility, interest, engagement, generate leads. We believe in ensuring delivery of value proposition of brand with our mobile marketing offerings.

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