Pioneers in Node.js development building infinitely scalable and high performance applications

Being one of the pioneered Node.js web & mobile app development service providers, we at Max3Logic IT Solutions are in the business of delivering accomplished applications. Whether it is about plug-in and module development solutions or an app development requirement, we have been catering to the requirements of small and large-sized business modules.

Having a flair for the node.js development projects, the versatility of our developers lies in acquiring the business goals with Node.js development. The requirement to hire Node.js developers thus suits specifically when custom Node.js solutions are to be developed depending upon the specified modules.


Is Node.js right for you?

When selecting a framework, Node.js is a platform to build rapid, reliable network applications easily. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and effective. At its core, Node.js uses ‘callback’ for all the performances that need any I/O to be done, such as fetching data from DB, or a disk or the internet. ‘Callback’ reduces the waiting time of the CPUs for some I/O operation to complete and in that way can serve some other requests.

Node.JS Services We Offer

  • Real Time Chat Applications
  • Application & System monitoring Dashboard
  • Web APIs
  • Real Time Statistics Display
  • Heavy load Web Applications
  • AJAX Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • E-Commerce, Shopping cart Development
  • Excellent Application Development
  • Portal Development
  • Content Management Tool
  • Plug-ins Development

Services Max3logic IT Solutions offers as a Node.js development

  • No messing with strategies & codes resulting in fast results Sophisticated, lively, and instant performing Node.js applications.
  • We realize the business needs of clients rapid and act accordingly by providing low-cost services.
  • Together with offering web applications, we provide excellent client care too.
  • Development of extra-ordinary event driven Node.js web applications
  • Modified Node.js development services
  • Development of plugins, and portals
  • Real-time business applications development with Node.js

Why choose us

  • 8+ Year of experience
  • 40+ Node.js Projects
  • Highly skilled Node.js developers
  • Active support & maintenance
  • Modern project management systems and virtual infrastructures
  • Flexibility to deal with multiple front-end and backend systems based on different technologies
  • Quality guarantee

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