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The real estate opens up various channels for employment opportunities. It does also have a great opportunity in creating future and career in it and the challenges you face are highly rewarding. With Max3logic we provide you with the best business growth and your business gets expanded. We give you the best client service to yield your future rewards. And if our partnerships prolongs then we shall provide you with shares and would make further bonds so that the relation stays forever and ever .Your success is totally dependent upon your hard working and the time you are denoting. We try to train you or help you in a way so that your earnings are capped and you don’t have to be a sole sharer of it and everything goes in your pocket. Sometimes you go confused in real estate so we as a technological organization can prove beneficial to your future, business and career.Travel and hospitality: Max3Logic helps hospitality and travel companies to deliver on the experience that their client’s demand, effectively by aligning the support through the combination of design thinking, analytics, and digital technologies.

Real State Protal

  • When a price changes on a property - Our software sends an email with all the details to everyone involved. It sends a link to your admin team with a link instructing them to print a new window card based on the new price.
  • When a property gets listed - It automatically sends an email to buyers in your system who match the property criteria, and notifies your sales reps of the new property and the relevant buyer matches. It also reminds your website manager to click upload to list the new property to your website and all 3rd party sites (e.g.,
  • When photos are put in the system - The software automatically resizes them, and notifies relevant staff that the photos are ready to be chosen for window cards, brochures, ad pages, and websites. Your staff can then create window cards and brochures in minutes.
  • When you are owed money for advertising - The software will find and remind you of all outstanding advertising available with a single click of a button.
  • When you need to pay your salespeople - Just type in a few queries and the software calculates commission sheets, payments and deductions within 30 seconds.
  • When you need to create a letter - Do a quick scan and punch out any of 147 different letters, forms and notifications to help you with any event you're likely to encounter on a day-to-day basis.
  • When you need to place advertising - You'll be automatically reminded, weeks in advance.
  • When you need to send out letters - Whether you're sending to buyers, vendors or solicitors, you can do it in minutes, with a couple of clicks of your mouse.

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