Form the ground to up, We are your business architects.

We are a team of world’s best e-commerce consultant & we have 8+ year of experience in E-commerce domain. our consultants are highly talented & experienced for every wing of business operations from starting the planning till the launch. Max3logic has built the reputation by providing the full range of e-Commerce consultancy and delivery solutions to corporate in the new start-up, retail, corporate, manufacturing, mobility, digital marketing & web development. We are the only company across India & other countries have experienced consulting more than 1750+ projects, We work with our clients to drive growth and innovation through the best use of omnichannel platforms.

structure an e-Commerce site that would be a big success and bring mouth-watering revenues is not as easy as it sounds. Growth in eCommerce is unstoppable at-least for next 8+Year but to get success in flow of growth the project need strategy, planning and expertise of market. So Let our eCommerce consultants assist you in bringing maximum results for your business!

Our E-commerce consulting service cover each & every part of eBusiness solutions and following are few

  • Design and build market-leading B2C eCommerce and B2B eCommerce solutions.
  • E-commerce Business Model & strategy.
  • Business feasibility and research.
  • Unbeatable BPM (Business process management) consultation to improve operational efficiency.
  • Easy to use mobile and tablet based, m-commerce solution.
  • Best research, full proof, optimized and profitable consultation.
  • Robust IT structure and management systems.
  • Error free payment gateway solutions.
  • Very unique but effective; social commerce, using Facebook to grow your business.
  • Best practice CRM, call center and accounting solutions.
  • Full proof, well-researched internet marketing planning and execution.
  • Ensure customer loyalty and brand integrity are maintained through our performance optimization service.
  • Build strong back office management system.
  • Full proof marketing planning.

Start-up E-commerce consulting

Our Max3logic consultants are ready to advise on any subject, we have industry’s best online business consultants with minimum a decade experience –

  • To determine your website objectives. It is either to enhance your “physical-world” business or make a better customer-support through a site or increase revenues. Alternatively, the objective may be a different one which will be determined with your particular needs in mind.
  • To create your website strategies & planning. Once the goal is established, our e-commerce consulting specialists will support you to identify strategies to support that goal.
  • To work out your website backend functionality. The eCommerce backend functionality can be anything from very simple to an advanced solution. Our eCommerce consultants will help you to determine the right backend solution based on your website objectives and strategies.
  • To work out your website structure. This is very important that there is a coherent website structure which is user-friendly and easy to use. Our eCommerce consulting specialists are always here to assist you in building the right website structure for your site.

E-commerce Solutions

Max3logic consultants specialize in developing online stores and coming up and establishment of online marketing activities. We know to create online stores that sell.

  • To achieve this we have an experienced team of e-Commerce experts, who want to challenge you to enter complex projects into innovative and intelligent solutions.
  • For projects that are less complex but require a unique approach, Chitrangana a wide range of eCommerce solutions. To develop an e-marketing strategy, professional web design, back office functionality, search engine optimization and creating a launch campaign, you have come to the right place.
  • For simple projects and begin eCommerce companies, we provide well-priced robust solutions that are instant customizable. For more complex projects with a complete front & back office, we first analyze together the best solution before a certain choice to make. Our e-commerce solution is fully modular and upgradeable to build for maximum flexibility. This allows you at a later stage decide to take the package to expand. You must think to include links with existing accounting software, ERP software, and logistic systems.



Our team works with numerous e-commerce players across various categories like Apparel, Home Décor, Fashion, Jewelry, Safety Equipment, Grocery, Industrial Goods etc.


Compare facts and figures to unearth information about current market trends, assess risk in specific business models and learn the marketing tactics of your competitors.


Max3logic brings you years of e-commerce experience as well as reach to industry knowledge base generated by India’s top researchers.

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