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E-Commerce Web Design Criteria

Once the planning stage is over, and the website design and functional preferences are discussed, Max3logic starts the actual building of your site. This step is one of the most critical initial stages as a result of which you will get a fully-functional error-free web site. Our e-Commerce consulting specialists will guide you throughout the project, making sure your cherished dreams go live.

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Our E-Commerce Web Design Features

Responsive design

Billions of people shop online, but not everyone accesses the internet using the same method. With the instant rise of smartphone and tablet usage, responsive designs have evolved into an absolute necessity for the eCommerce corporation world, playing a primary role in the success of small and large brands alike. Provision to the needs and trends of today’s shoppers by ensuring your website utilizes a user & mobile-friendly responsive design.

Responsive design

Your website frame design determines your overall business style and is the single most effective component of website design. An attractive, customized frame plays a crucial role in successful online retailing. A beautiful frame design not only visually illustrates your business professionalism and trustworthiness, but serves to increase the perceived value of your products.

Home Page Design

The home page is the entry-point of your website and serves to capture your visitors’ attention. In the World Wide Web of eCommerce, you have less than 15 seconds to create a strong first impression, and to do that, the design and layout of your homepage need to be nothing short of remarkable. Pull in more customers and includes conversions with an excellent home page design.

Dropdown Menu

Simple website navigation is one of the best methods to ensure visitors have a positive shopping experience when visiting your store website. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using a dropdown menu, which creates visitors to rapid navigate throughout your site and quickly finds whatever they are looking for. A dropdown menu is a proven means of improving user experience and increasing the likelihood of repeat traffic.

Product Scroll

These days, e-commerce shoppers are in search of visually pleasing websites that give a beautiful, clean presentation of its products. A product scroll, which appears on the home page, is one of the simplest ways to cater to this expectation while showcasing a selection of your expecting products. Decrease page confusion and ensure a positive user experience with a simple feature that proven to increase customer satisfaction.

Home Page Carousel

Your home page carousel occupies prime real estate on your home page, and as such, serves a beneficial role for your online store. These large, prominently displayed images feature critical data about your goods and brand and visitors with secure, temptation messages to take action. Excellent home page carousel banners will accelerate visitors further into your site and help make immediate connections with visitors.

Product Page Design

The Great product pages feature easy, aesthetically pleasing designs that help convert visitors into buyers. Your product pages play a significant role in your e-commerce site, and as such, serve a vital role in assuring and motivating customers that your product is what they need. A visually or emotionally unappealing product page will make any product healthy to sell – regardless of its quality or price.

Category page Design

Category pages are one of the most important pages for any e-commerce store. Visitors have reached your category page with interest in one or more of your products. However, with a small design, your category page may fail to take the attention and importance of your potential buyers. Pave the way to easy decision-making with a beautiful, robust design built for increasing conversions.